Saturday, 4 January 2014

Learning Outcomes: Practical & Professional Skills

5.  Critically analyse and interpret visual situations in order to represent them effectively.

Researches for imaginary creature

Researches for 1950's termite exterminator

Before i create the creature and the termite exterminator, i did some researches to give me some ideas how the animals move, how the bones and muscles work and how were the 1950's things look like.

6.  Act autonomously in the use of appropriate tools and techniques to achieve a professional result. 

Life drawings

Those life drawings show many different techniques that  i used to draw the figures, such as ink drawing, draw on different kinds of paper, use lines as references to help me get the right positions of different parts of body, etc.

City project

I did this project both in traditional way (on paper) and digital way (in photoshop). For the final piece, i put them together in photoshop.

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