Saturday, 4 January 2014

Character design

Character description:

This character's name is Che and he was born in a poor family. His father died when he was young, so he lives with his mother, sisters and brothers. After his father died, he took the job to look after his family and he began to do some physical work for money, but the money he earned still very hard to keep the pot boiling.

When he was 18, the government recruited new soldiers and the payment was higher than the job he did at that time, so he applied to be a soldier.

He is a ordinary soldier in the troop. He is very zealous, simple and honest, just like others. Also, he is a  very hard working person. He worked hard did not because he wanted be a success soldier, just because he wanted to get higher position in the troop,  so that he can get higher salary to look after his family.

1 year later, because his hard working, he was appointed as a team leader. Since then, his salary became higher than before and his family's life was getting better.

Everything became better and he did the same thing everyday, get the same salary every month and feel happiness every time he saw his family. The city where he lives was peaceful and things are normal developing last 4 years, until one day, a wizard walk into this city.

The wizard looks poor and helpless when he got into this city and he told the citizens that he was a business man and some bandits robed him when he on the way to transfer goods to another city. Because his fake story, he got the citizens' pity and help successfully.

The citizens treated the wizard very nice. They gave him place to live and give him food also. At the same time, the wizard was getting to know this city and he found that is a wonderful city which can give him power, so one day, when he got a chance, he cast a spell to this city to make people can not get out from this city. Also, he cast a spell to the citizens to make them angry and fight with each other, so he can get power from the citizens' resentment.

Che was one of the people who did not be spelled, so he gathered people together to against the wizard. At the same time, because the citizens' emotion be 'eaten' day by day, they became numb and began to attack and eat people.

Che and other people who did not be spelled did not want to hurt those citizens who was spelled. In order to keep away from those citizens, they started to living in a secluded and dark place.

This war lasted half year, Che and other people still can not defeat the wizard. One day, Che found that power the wizard got is all come from the earring which is on the wizard's left ear. He also found that if the earring tough water, it will lose power for 30 seconds. So Che chose a person which that wizard did not know and he let that person get close to the wizard and find a chance to put water on the earring.

One day, a chance came, so the person put water on the wizard's earring. Finally, the wizard lost his power and Che and other people got the 30 seconds chance to defeat that wizard. Since then, this city became to a peace place again.

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